Minor Characters

Zeb: Was held prisoner at the same time as Marcus, was a cellmate with Darryl, managed to escape both DHS headquarters as well as the country by disguising himself as a homeless man. Convened with Masha in Brazil. Around Marcus’s age, intelligent and resourceful.

Masha: Is hired by the DHS after being deemed innocent to infiltrate the Xnet- grows tired of being watched and offers Marcus a chance to escape if he will help her escape. Masha is cunning, shrewd and physically strong for a teenager.

Carrie Johnstone: DHS officer in charge of interrogations. She administers torture on Marcus, who gives her the nickname “severe haircut woman”. She is allowed bail after the mass DHS arrests and is relocated to Iraq.

Ms. Galvez: Marcus’s social studies teacher for most of the book- she is replaced by someone the DHS approves more of. Ms. Galvez is very liberal with regards to her views.

Charles Walker: Charles is described as a bully who also snitches- a horrible combination. He is the reason Marcus gave up Live Role-Play Gaming, and the cause of many of his problems at school.


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