The Xnet

When Marcus returns home from Treasure Island, he finds that his computer has been bugged. He quickly thinks of a solution: he breaks out his old Xbox Universal and boots up Paranoid Xbox, a system which allows him to hop between internet connections so as to hide his internet usage.

However, Marcus can only surf the web alone at first- so he burns about 20 copies and brings them to school the next day so that his friends can also use Paranoid Xbox and chat and share with him. His friends then quickly spread it to their friends, which eventually led to thousands of San Francisco citizens using the software.

Eventually the nickname Xnet was pinned on the network, and users were called Xnetters. The Xnet was the only way to surf the internet in complete privacy- it was a revolutionary idea. However, the DHS eventually breached its security measures, which led to Marcus creating his own circle of trust (see the circle of trust section).




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